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18 more members of BGP fled to Bangladesh

A total of 217 members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Force (BGP) have fled to Bangladesh due to clashes with insurgents in the border areas. They came to Bangladesh in different phases in the last few days. Among them, 18 people have entered Bangladesh in the last 24 hours.

On Tuesday morning, they took refuge in Bangladesh through the Reju border of Asadhatali, Jamchari and Ghumdhum UP in Naikshyongchari Sadar UP. They have been disarmed and placed under the supervision of BGB.

According to local sources, in the first phase at 7 am on Tuesday, 10 members of BGP came to Jamchari village through border number 45 of Naikxyongchari Upazila Sadar Union of Bandarban. 5 more people came at 2.30 pm with the same point. They each surrendered to Jamchari BOP jawans under 11 BGB. Apart from this, some people have come from Ghumdhum border.

According to BGB sources, if no complications arise, the fleeing Myanmar border guards and soldiers may be sent back to their country this month. At present, BGB is on maximum alert at the border. Besides, the village police have been asked to be alert at the border points.

Bandarban District Commissioner Shah Md. Mujahid Uddin said, those who came in three rounds on Tuesday, have been kept at Naikshyongchari Sadar with humanitarian services. 3 are being treated elsewhere.

Earlier last Sunday, 14 BGP members escaped through Teknaf border and took refuge in Bangladesh. There are already 180 people including army personnel who fled the country. In addition, on March 30, 3 members of the Myanmar army took refuge in Bangladesh through the Naikshyongchari border. Another 177 BGP and army personnel took shelter on March 11. Before this, 330 people took refuge in Bangladesh in several rounds; They were sent back to Myanmar on February 15.