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Gulf countries do not allow US attack on Iran

Gulf monarchical governments are not allowing Washington to use US military bases on their territory to retaliate against Iranian attacks. US Gulf allies are working...
HomeNews420 crores will be refunded to customers of E-tube.

420 crores will be refunded to customers of E-tube.


The Appellate Division has directed the multilevel marketing company (MLM) Unipay customers to U to transfer Tk 420 crore to the government exchequer. According to the order, the customers of Unipay to U can apply to the government for this money.

The Appellate Division headed by Chief Justice Obaidul Hasan gave this order on Tuesday.

BRAC Bank’s Elephant Road branch in the capital has deposits of Tk 420 crores of Unipay to U customers. Earlier, some customers of Unipay to U had appealed to the Appellate Division for a refund.

Barrister Aneek R Haque appeared for the clients in court. Advocate Rafsan Alvi was with him.

Barrister Anik R. Haque said that the case of Unipay 2 was heard in the Appellate Division today. 420 crores account found in BRAC Bank Elephant Road branch. The Appellate Division today directed that it be transferred to the public treasury. Along with that, it is said to advertise in the newspaper, which will also be given. After that, those who are customers of Unipay 2 will apply within 30 days. Then they will scrutinize their application and give a decision.

As a result of this verdict, the process of getting money from the customers will start, he said, ‘We have told the Supreme Court, we have got the decree. Then a criminal case was ordered to be croaked on it. But so far neither the ACC nor the government has cracked it. So why are we not being paid? Therefore, according to the provisions of the law, this blocked money should be returned to us. Agreeing with our statement, the Appellate Division said – yes, this blocked money should be taken from the government treasury and returned to the legal customers.’

In response to how the customers will get the money back, Anik and Haque said that a specific application should be made after the money goes to the state treasury.