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Gulf countries do not allow US attack on Iran

Gulf monarchical governments are not allowing Washington to use US military bases on their territory to retaliate against Iranian attacks. US Gulf allies are working...
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Celebration of Independence Day in Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh

Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, Chairman Airvice Marshal M Mafidur Rahman Time 10AM

“On Bangladesh Independence Day, Chairman Air vice Mashal M Mafidur Rahman and Civil Aviation members honor the legacy of our independence of the Nation, at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Their gesture of presenting a flower bouquet to the monument of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujbur Rahman, symbolizes reverence and gratitude for his tireless efforts for our nation. The solemn tribute reflects the unity and respect for our country’s history and freedom. March 26th marks not only a historic milestone but also a reminder of our collective responsibility to uphold the values of independence and progress. Together, we commemorate our journey towards a prosperous and sovereign Bangladesh.”