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Safe Bangladesh in India-Pakistan group

In 2022, Bangladesh became the unbeaten women's SAF champions in Kathmandu. This time also women's clean will be held in Kathmandu. After the SAF...
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children on YouTube How to block inappropriate content ?

You can watch recordings on YouTube at various points including entertainment, instruction, news. Along with adults, YouTube has become one of the entertainment mediums for children. From rhymes to energized cartoons for kids, YouTube has a plethora of content. But with so many recordings, in some cases not reasonable for children, some of them have concluded in YouTube nutrition. Parents could turn on because it was child-friendly material on YouTube. Let’s see how to stop kids from watching inappropriate material.

Controls material on YouTube…
YouTube restricts certain types of material that are vulgar, indecent, or inappropriate for children because it is reasonable to make recordings for children. For this, go to the YouTube app and tap on the profile picture. Select Settings from the options that appear at that time. On the following page tap on Common and scroll down. Restricted mode should be enabled. Restricted mode can be activated from the preferences shown by accessing the YouTube site from a computer and clicking on the profile symbol. Turning on Restricted Mode will prevent crude, indecent, inappropriate for children, indecent, sexually suggestive material etc. from being displayed on YouTube.

Using the YouTube Kids app
The YouTube Kids app is designed with kids in mind. YouTube Kids does not show material that is inappropriate for children. There are categories like Education, Music, Appearances, Activities, Animal Highlights etc The child will not need additional safety measures to use this app.