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Gulf countries do not allow US attack on Iran

Gulf monarchical governments are not allowing Washington to use US military bases on their territory to retaliate against Iranian attacks. US Gulf allies are working...
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From the ground to the cockpit – all the responsibilities of the flight were carried out by women

From the ground to the cockpit – all the responsibilities of the flight were carried out by women On which day the flight will be operated on which route, the schedule is informed in advance. I know the schedule of March 8 in the same way. I will go to Dammam in Saudi Arabia with Biman flight BG-349. I will be the first officer (co-pilot) along with Captain Alia Mannan. I have been doing this duty of the cockpit for several years. Two women in the cockpit together are common in airplanes. I have gone on different routes with senior pilots like Alia Mannan. So managing this flight that day was like another ten journeys for me. On the morning of March 8, I came to know that something special is happening around this flight on the occasion of Women’s Day. Only women will perform the duties in the cabin. There was also a photo session with everyone. Sirs have organized a press conference. Expressed the feeling of being associated with the operation of the special flight of journalists. I was surprised when I entered the airport.

My heart was filled with joy. The flight dispatcher briefed us before taking off. He efficiently briefed the technical issues like which route BG-349 flight will go to Dammam, what is the weather like, which airports can be used in special situations etc. We went with everything understood. It felt like attending a festival rather than a flight. Women will be responsible at every step. A really inspiring decision.  Two pilots have two types of responsibilities here—Pilot Flying (PF) or piloting the aircraft, Pilot Monitoring (PM) or all observation and communication duties. I am in charge of Pilot Monitoring (PM) on this journey. We are supposed to fly at half past two. Our plane flew to Dammam on time. I remembered many things while flying in the sky. My father was also a pilot. I dreamed of becoming a pilot since childhood. Many people have plans for life. If the first dream does not see the face of light, then proceed with the second one. But I had only one dream, sitting in the cockpit. So I got admission in Arirang Flying School in Dhaka after passing HSC. After completing my studies, I joined a private airline. Then I joined Biman Bangladesh Airlines in 2017. Now I am piloting the fourth aircraft in Biman. As soon as I got promoted I flew aircraft like Boeing 787 Dreamliner. When I came to work in this organization, I never felt that I was discriminated against or got extra benefits as a woman. In fact, I have come so far by testing and proving myself at every step. This profession is more prestigious to me because there is such equality between men and women. From Dhaka to India’s Bhopal, Ahmedabad airspace over the Arabian Sea, we are then floating in the skies of Saudi Arabia. And after a while I will reach Dammam airport. Before that we realized that the weather had worsened. But nothing dangerous. BG-349 touched the runway safely thanks to the skill of Captain Alia Mannan.