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Good news for the brave freedom fighters in Bangladesh

The honorarium of the brave freedom fighters of the 1971 freedom struggle is increasing. Besides, other allowances have also been proposed to be increased. The proposal to increase the allowance is to be effective from July 1. If the proposals of all sectors are implemented, an additional Tk 2,870 crore will be required in the financial year (2024-25).

This information was revealed in the Thursday (April 18) meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Ministry of Liberation War of the 12th National Parliament held at the Parliament Building.

Earlier, this matter was discussed in the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Social Security Program held on April 8. In that meeting, the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs proposed to increase the allowance of brave freedom fighters. The proposals were presented by the ministry in the parliamentary committee meeting on Thursday.

At the current rate of allowance being paid to freedom fighters, the government will spend 5 thousand 696 crore 71 lakh taka in the current (2023-24) financial year. If the allowance is increased at the proposed rate, a new 2 thousand 869 crore 72 lakh taka will be required.

According to the meeting of the parliamentary committee, it has been decided to increase the monthly salary of 20 thousand taka to 30 thousand taka for the brave freedom fighter. Besides, it has been proposed to increase the festival allowance of ordinary freedom fighters from 10,000 to 15,000.

Meanwhile, the surviving brave freedom fighters are given a special allowance of 5 thousand taka on Victory Day. According to the new proposal, this allowance will be doubled. Besides, no special allowance is given to brave freedom fighters on Independence Day. A new allowance of 10,000 taka has been proposed on this day.

Besides, it has been decided to pay New Year’s allowance at the rate of Tk 2000 to total 2 lakh 12 thousand 585 beneficiaries of freedom fighters and their heirs in the current financial year. It is proposed to increase it to 5 thousand in the next financial year.

In the new proposal, it is also said to increase the honor of the freedom fighters who received the title. In this case, it has been said to pay 40,000 rupees for Vir Uttam, 35,000 rupees for Vir Bikram and 30,000 rupees for Vir Prateek.

Family of martyrs and war wounded freedom fighters get 27 thousand to 45 thousand rupees depending on the category. In the new proposal, the salary has been increased to Tk 30,000 to Tk 50,000 depending on the category.

Apart from this, a minimum of 5 thousand to a maximum of 14 thousand 900 taka is given for the cost of burial, cremation, religious ceremony and transportation of the body. In this sector, it has been proposed to increase from minimum 30 thousand to maximum 50 thousand taka.

However, Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque did not agree to talk to the media about this right now. It was later informed in the press release that the government is considering the proposal to increase the honorarium of the martyr family and freedom fighter family members.