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Honorable Prime Minister asked the United States to take care of its own house

Own Correspondent:
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina advised the United States to manage its own house.

Hon’ble Prime Minister said, they (US) come to cover our human rights. However, human rights violations are constantly happening in their country. The son was shot dead in front of his mother after entering the house. Innocent people are being shot and killed. They should see this too. One should take care of one’s own house first.

The Prime Minister asked for an answer about the killing of Bangladeshis in the United States
on Thursday (May 2), he said this in response to a question at a press conference organized about his visit to Thailand.

Sheikh Hasina said that there are continuous shootings in different schools, shopping malls and restaurants in America, and people are dying. There is not a day that people are not shot dead in that country. They should look into that.

Protesting the killing of Bangladeshis in the United States, the Hon’ble Prime Minister said that some of our Bangladeshis have been killed before. We protested and in judgment they told me. We are doing what we can. Protests are being made not only here, but also in America.

Honorable Prime Minister said – University students and teachers were protesting the genocide in Palestine. How a professor was thrown to the ground and handcuffed. Arrested. Again they say that these are part of democracy!