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Hundreds of American couples chose April 8 as their wedding day

Hundreds of American young people are planning to get married on April 8. They all have one thing in common. They all practice astronomy. The fact is, the solar eclipse on the 8th. And it can be seen best from the state of Arkansas in the United States. A festival titled ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ has been organized to mark the eclipse. As part of this, there are also free weddings to witness the solar eclipse. More than 300 couples from 22 US states have registered for marriage ( according to data published in the online edition of People magazine on March 28).

The place will be specially decorated with flowers for the wedding. Wedding cake and fruit cake will be kept for each couple. And there will be special drinks. There is provision for light meals. Everyone present can have free coffee. Everything is free. Couples only need to bring their own wedding attire. And bring the marriage certificate. If you want, friends and relatives can also join.
After 50 years, one million people will gather at various tourist centers near Niagara Falls to witness this extraordinary cosmic event. The longest solar eclipse in five decades will last seven and a half minutes.

As it is closest to the Earth at this time, the Moon will also appear slightly larger than usual. The sun will go behind the moon. The United States, Canada, Mexico and some other countries will be completely dark. the latest

When the solar eclipse begins, the marriage ceremony will begin. When the Moon is completely between the Earth and the Sun, i.e. darkness will cover the area, the newlyweds will kiss each other according to American wedding customs. Others will then shout with joy. Event organizer Rudney Williams said, ‘Life is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are just using it.’

Carlotta Cox and Matthew Holloway live in Tennessee. They decided to get married a year ago. In this opportunity, the formalities will be completed. Drive 500 miles to Arkansas to witness the eclipse. “That will be a moment that I will tell the story of for the rest of my life,” Cox said. Many birds will also come out to see the scene. Will fly in the sky. The temperature will start to drop after the eclipse. Words cannot describe the feeling. It doesn’t matter if there are stars in the sky. And who does not want to get married for free!’

There will also be dinner and music. There will also be arrangements to fly in the sky by balloon. 30 bands will perform. There will also be sports facilities. Mobile hotels are also kept for sleeping at night