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If Iran is attacked, Israel will have nothing left: Ibrahim Raisi

Iran, Tehran
Iranian President Ibrahim Raisifile Photo: Reuters
Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi warned Israel once again that if any kind of aggression is carried out on Iran’s territory, Israel will have nothing left.

During his three-day visit to Pakistan, the Iranian president said this at an event in the country’s Punjab province on Tuesday. Pakistani academics and cultural dignitaries attended the event in Punjab.
If the Zionist state makes one more mistake and attacks Iran’s holy land, the situation will be different, Ibrahim Raisi said. If something like this happens, it cannot be said for sure whether there will be anything left of Israel or not.

Iran’s president also said that Tehran has punished Israel for the attack on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus, the capital of Syria, at the beginning of this month. By saying this, he mentioned the Iranian missile and drone attack targeting Israel on April 13.

On the one hand, he talks about the protection of human rights, on the other hand, Ibrahim Raisi harshly criticized the Western countries including the United States for continuing to support Israel in carrying out genocide in Gaza. More than 34,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza in the last six months by Israel’s indiscriminate attacks.

The president of Iran said that the biggest violators of human rights today are the United States and its Western allies. What they talk about protecting human rights is empty.