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Gulf countries do not allow US attack on Iran

Gulf monarchical governments are not allowing Washington to use US military bases on their territory to retaliate against Iranian attacks. US Gulf allies are working...
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Inflation eased slightly in February to 9.67 percent

Inflation eased slightly in February. In the last month, overall inflation has come down to 9.67 percent. This rate was 9.86 percent in January. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) released last month’s inflation data on Wednesday night. According to BBS data, food inflation in the country last month was 9.44 percent and non-food inflation was 9.33 percent. Inflation eased slightly in February but remains above 9 percent. Economists say that the pressure of inflation in the country has been seen for a long time. This is something to worry about. While some initiatives have been taken to control inflation, there is a lack of concerted efforts. Last month’s inflation estimate is compared to February last year. As such, with the high inflation in February last year, the inflationary pressure has increased in February this year. Coping with this pressure is very difficult for common people. Inflation is like a tax that burdens everyone, rich and poor alike. Rising inflation means increasing hardship for the poor and middle class. The price of goods in the market is very high. Along with that, the cost of the non-food sector including medical, and transportation has also increased. All in all, people are struggling to cope with the pressure of inflation. Bangladesh Bank has increased the policy interest rate in the monetary policy announced on January 17 to control inflation. One of the objectives of the monetary policy announced for January- June this year was to reduce inflation. However, it is seen that despite the increase in the policy interest rate as well as the interest rate in commercial banks, inflation remains above 9 percent.