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Israel achieved nothing but destruction in 200 days: Hamas

Own Correspondent: In 200 days in Gaza, Israel has achieved nothing but destruction. The spokesman of the military wing of Hamas made this claim in a statement on Tuesday (April 23).

Abu Obaida, the spokesman for the military wing of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, said the enemy is now facing a difficult situation, they are trapped in the sands of Gaza. They will have nothing but shame and defeat.

Israeli attack on Gaza kills 34,183 Gaza aggression, protests on various US campuses

He said that the war has been going on in Gaza for two hundred days but our resistance is like the mountains of Palestine.

Qassem Brigade spokesman said, we will resist and attack as long as the invaders continue to invade our land. Israel is trying to convince the world that it has eliminated the resistance forces, which is a lie.

Meanwhile, the number of people killed by Israeli forces in Gaza is increasing every day. The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that more than 34,000 people have been killed in Gaza so far. More than 77 thousand were injured.

Most of those killed in Gaza were women and children. The Palestinian Authority said that 9,500 women and 14,500 children lost their lives in the attack by Israeli forces. (Source: Al-Jazeera)