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Meningitis is an inflammatory disease of the brain

The covering of our brain is called meninges. Inflammation of the meninges is called meningitis. It is not infrequently caused by disease caused by a variety of microscopic organisms. This contamination can be caused by infections, germs and tuberculosis.

Meningitis is more often caused by viral diseases. Meningitis can occur in a number of ways. If the nose, ears, throat i.e. any part of the head near the brain is infected, it can spread to the internal parts and cause meningitis. Damage to the head can lead to meningitis due to an uninterrupted flow of germs into the brain. Meningitis can also spread to other parts of the body.

Harmful aspect

● Cerebral pain is the most common symptom of meningitis. Indications include prolonged fever, neck stiffness, restlessness, eagerness, etc However, the same symptoms do not appear the same in all cases

● Meningitis reduces normal brain function. Be that as it may, if it is due to infection, extreme migraines, fever – these side effects are exceptionally troublesome but in the long run are better in their own right. On the other hand, bacterial and tuberculosis diseases can cause real complications; It can be really deadly.

● Bacterial contamination can disturb the normal flow of fluid that covers the brain (CSF). Blood flow to the brain can be inhibited and the brain can swell.

Tuberculous meningitis usually causes long-term morbidity. On the off chance that it clears up without treatment, it can be fatal within weeks.

have to do

● Avoiding any contamination, especially nose, ear, throat and mouth infections is important to avoid meningitis.

● Observance of great cleanliness, which avoids transmission of covid, is extra useful in this case.

● Any head damage should be treated appropriately to avoid the disease.

Cerebral pain is not meningitis; Or maybe, if fever and cerebral pain are likely to occur together, stiffness in the neck is a high indication for prompt referral to a specialist.