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Patients suffering from heat exhaustion come for treatment of heat-related illnesses

Own Correspondent: Heat wave is flowing over most parts of the country including Dhaka. Shortness of breath in intense heat. This includes the problem of load shedding. The pressure of sick patients due to heat has increased in hospitals. The patient and his relatives have to face another round of heat in the hospital despite coming for treatment.

Most of the patients admitted to the hospitals come with heat stroke, fever, cold, diarrhea and pneumonia. Children are the most affected by these diseases. After a long holiday, educational institutions will open from next week. If the heat wave continues like this, it can cause even bigger problems for children.

Patients from different parts of the country including the capital flock to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for good treatment.

Visiting Dhaka Medical College Hospital on the ground, it can be seen that patients and their relatives are in bad condition due to excessive heat. Almost everyone in the ward and on the floor is buying hand fans or small table fans and using them.

In ward number 207, one corner fan is damaged. A relative of a patient staying there said that it is hot everywhere inside and outside. My patient has been admitted to the hospital for three days. I have been seeing the fan off since I arrived. I checked, the fan is broken. These can be seen by the hospital authorities. My daughter has been having abdominal pain, fever along with vomiting and loose stools for a few days.