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The reason behind the sinking of Dubai is known

International Desk: Due to record amount of rainfall, Dubai has been hit by floods. After the 24-hour rain floods, speculation about ‘clyde seeding’ or technology-assisted artificial rain has been rife, which is kind of confusing. But speculations notwithstanding, just how unusual was this rainfall in Dubai and what were the main reasons behind such heavy rainfall? BBC news.

How ‘heavy’ was the rainfall?

If we account for rain from cloud seeding alone, it appears that the effects of flooding were much more widespread. From Bahrain to Oman, this vast area experienced severe flooding.”

That is, even if the cloud seeding was done in the United Arab Emirates (if) the worst flood of remembrance did not occur only in that country. Rather, it flooded from Bahrain to Oman. The cloud seeding process in the Emirati region is managed by a government task force called the National Center of Meteorology (NCM).

How prepared was the Emirates?

Strong defenses are needed to control the situation so that heavy rains do not turn into deadly floods. In terms of infrastructure, Dubai is definitely a developed city. But there was very little green space to absorb the moisture from the air and the drainage system was not strong or developed enough to handle such heavy rainfall.

“Adapting to this new reality [frequent and intense rainfall] requires appropriate strategies and adaptation measures,” said Professor Francis. “For example, road infrastructure and other facilities need to adapt to rainfall, create reservoirs to store water from seasonal rains and use it at other times of the year.” In January, the UAE Roads and Transport Authority formed a new unit to deal with the flood situation in Dubai.

Does climate change have a role?

It is not yet possible to accurately measure the extent to which climate change has played a role in causing such rainfall in Dubai. A full scientific analysis of natural and man-made factors is needed to say for sure, which will take months.

But with the way the climate is changing, this rainfall is compatible. Simply put, generally warmer air can hold more moisture. Every degree Celsius of temperature increases holds about seven percent more moisture, which can increase the intensity of rain.

Richard Allan, professor of climate science at the University of Reading, explained, “The intensity of the rain has broken records. But it has to do with the warming of the climate. Because such air contains more moisture, which leads to the formation of storms and heavy rains, and the resulting floods become progressively stronger.”

According to a recent study, due to global warming, by the end of this century most of the UAE could increase by 30 percent over the present.

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“If people continue to burn oil, gas and coal, the climate will continue to warm, rainfall will increase and people will lose their lives in floods,” said Dr. Frederick Otto.