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The United States has suspended sending bombs to Israel

The United States did not send a shipment of bombs to Israel last week amid fears that Israel would launch a full-scale attack on Rafah. News BBC

A top US administration official was quoted by the AP as saying that a shipment of bombs had not been sent to Israel. A decision was taken last week not to send the consignment, the official said on condition of anonymity.

The shipment, which was prepared to be sent by ship, contained 1 crore 80 lakh 2 thousand pounds (907 kilograms) and 17 lakh 500 pounds of bombs.

Besides, a final decision has not yet been taken on whether the promised arms transfer at a later date will be delivered on time. “We have suspended a shipment of weapons last week,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Israel has sent tanks to Rafah, bordering Egypt, ignoring all warnings. In the meantime, the army has taken control of the Rafah crossing or the border. This border has been the main route of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Millions of displaced Palestinians have already taken refuge in Rafah. But Israel has been announcing operations there for several weeks. From the beginning, various countries of the world, including the United Nations, have been warning that Israel’s operation could lead to a humanitarian disaster there.

On October 7 last year, the Palestinian independence organization Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel. In response, Israel has been carrying out a hellish campaign in Gaza since that day. More than 34 thousand 780 Palestinians have been killed so far in their indiscriminate attacks. Countless injured.