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The US has pressed India to investigate the assassination attempt of Sikh leader Pannun

Sikh leader Gurpatwant Singh PannunFile Photo: ANI

The US is gradually increasing pressure on India over the assassination attempt on Sikh leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. They want the investigation committee formed by India to reveal the content of the investigation soon. The US said India should consider the issue seriously. Because it is very important to them.

An attempt to assassinate US-based Sikh leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in that country failed. The United States alleged that India was involved in it. An Indian citizen has also been arrested in the Czech Republic on the request of the United States. The investigation team of the United States alleges that the conspiracy of the assassination attempt was done by India.

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said in response to a question about this last Monday, “We have been saying from the beginning that India should seriously consider and investigate this allegation.”

After the US made the allegation in November last year, India has neither directly denied nor denied it. Rather, it said that discussions are going on between the two countries regarding organized crime gangs, terrorism etc. India constituted a high-level committee. That committee will investigate everything (allegations of attempted murder). The fact is, India has not yet said anything about what that committee has done so far, what has been known.

In the meantime, a US newspaper recently reported that the assassination attempt was conspired by India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RA). The name of the then ‘RA’ chief Samant Goel was also mentioned in that report. India, however, has officially termed the report as ‘unsubstantiated and unwanted’.

Matthew Miller said in response to a question in the regular briefing of the Ministry of External Affairs on Monday, “The Indian government has constituted a committee to investigate the allegations. Investigation is going on. We are waiting to see its results. But we have made it clear, this matter is very important. We want India to look at the matter with the same importance.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had made a similar allegation before India’s involvement in the Pannun assassination attempt. Standing in the parliament of that country, he said that their citizen Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar was killed by India. India immediately rejected the allegation.

Recently, Canada has arrested three Indian nationals living in that country on suspicion of involvement in the murder. They also published their identity and photos. They said, gradually they are getting samples of Indian resources.

Canada complains that India is not cooperating with the investigation. India complains that Canada is not giving them any evidence even if they want it.

Miller was also questioned about the arrest of three Indian nationals in Canada. But he did not want to comment on that. He said that only Canada can tell about the speed of the investigation in that regard. The justice department of the country can talk about the complaint of the United States.

Miller said, “All I can say is, when this allegation first came up, we said, India should take this matter seriously and investigate it.”

Nijjar, who was killed in Canada, and Pannun, who survived the assassination attempt, are both Sikh terrorists in India’s eyes. Both are leaders of the separatist Khalistan movement. Pannun’s organization ‘Sikhs for Justice’ is banned in India.

India complains that despite repeated claims, the Canadian government is not cracking down on the activities of Sikh terrorists living in that country. Not stopping their anti-India propaganda. Prime Minister Trudeau is not taking action as he leads a minority government. He has to get the support of the Sikh community to sustain the government.

After India, Canada has the largest population of Sikhs. India alleges that a section of the Sikh community in that country is carrying out terrorist activities as well as organized crime activities with the connivance of the government. Canada is suffering more. But the government is not doing anything due to political reasons despite repeated claims. Due to this, India-Canada relations are gradually deteriorating.