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The US Supreme Court is divided on the trial of Trump

Own Reporter: The Supreme Court of the United States has reviewed whether former President Donald Trump will get immunity from trial and if there is such a chance, what it actually means.

The answer will determine whether or not former President Donald Trump faces trial on charges of trying to sabotage the 2020 election.

But whatever the decision, each judge indicated that it would shape America’s future democracy.

The case was heard in a special session a day after the scheduled arguments of the court. It was based primarily on Trump’s claim that he deserves immunity from any criminal charges while serving as president.

According to Trump, this immunity will protect him from the charges brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

His trial will be stayed pending the resolution of the impunity matter. The matter is expected to be settled in June.

The question posed by the judges is an indication of the division among them. As a result, a split decision is expected.

Their division may also lead to more complex decisions, which may delay the retrial process.

Would a full impunity mean that future presidents could use the military to kill their opponents?

Or if there is no impunity, the president will face trial or go to jail after the end of his term as a victim of political revenge?

Conservatives believe former US presidents should have some immunity.