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Welcome spring in the colors of nature: how to dress, how to dress

And after a few days, it is the day to welcome spring in this song of Kabiguru. In Konkan the mood of winter is gone, the arrival of new flowers and leaves on the trees, colorful mornings, the scent of mango buds in the air are telling us that spring has arrived. The trees of Krishnachura, Shimul, Palash are preparing to bloom. There is a festive mood all around. Everyone wants to dress up in the colors of nature in harmony with nature to welcome the seasonal spring. Today I will tell you how to dress up on the first day of spring.

Nature’s colors in clothing

Spring means colorful clothes. Floral designs are mostly seen in colorful fabrics in spring events of fashion houses. Most of the women choose saree on this day. But salwar kameez, kurta, skirt-tops or western style dresses also suit the spring weather. If you wear a saree, you can bring innovation to the blouse.

Dress and photo: Rang Bangladesh

On the first day of Phalgun, the surroundings are decorated in the colors of nature. The young green color of new leaves or the yellow-orange color of marigold flowers – everyone likes to dress up in these colors of nature for the spring season. Apart from this, the traditional color of spring is Basanti. But now many colors are seen in spring clothes including red, orange, green. You can wear different colored patterned clothes on white. Whatever the color, floral designs are perfect for spring.

Urmila Shukla, designer of fashion house ‘Khunt’ said, ‘We have given priority to all kinds of colors besides yellow, green, pink and blue. At this time, since nature is decorated with various colors, we have given priority to everything colorful. We have also worked with different shades of green such as dark green, tea green, the color of young leaves.’

Nishat Anjum, the owner of fashion house ‘Aram’ said, this time they have brought some block print sarees on muslin on the occasion of spring. The name of this saree series is ‘Ganda Phool’ with block print of marigold flowers on yellow, orange, magenta muslin.

Whichever outfit you choose for the first day of spring, keep in mind comfort and ease, and wear a Falgun vibe. Since some traces of winter remain on the first day of Phalgun, this should also be considered.


Spring decoration is incomplete without flowers. Spring means new leaves and colorful flowers. This flower is the most favorite festival accessory of Bengali women. You can wear fresh flower jewelry to match the dress. And the use of flowers in hair decoration is always excellent. From messy bun, floral braid, soft curls, bangs, etc., you can choose a hairstyle that suits your style, comfort and personality and add flowers to it. Apart from this, flowers can be placed on one side of the ear even in open hair. These days, florists offer a wide range of beautiful headbands made with a wide variety of flowers. You can wear them if you want.

spring outfit

In terms of dressing, you should pay attention to the day’s weather. As the dress will be colorful, you can wear a no-makeup look. Before starting the makeup, the skin should be cleaned well and primer must be applied. Don’t forget to use a setting spray as well. Then the makeup will stay in place all day. You can use light-colored eye shadow, mascara, nude color on lipstick, and light-colored blush on cheeks. Finally, wear the tip on the forehead. And don’t forget to use sunscreen.

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