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Prime Minister's Private Industry and Investment Adviser Salman F Rahman gave the briefing at his residence. Minister of State for Information Mohammad Ali Arafat...

Care of white clothes

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What kind of clothes will be comfortable in the summer?

Own Correspondent: The maximum temperature of the day has crossed 40 degrees. So everyone wants to get some relief in this hot summer. Everyone is also being very careful in choosing clothes to keep the body fit and the mind happy. It goes without saying that no one wants to wear too tight or bright dark colored outfits this summer. So today’s article explores the trending colors of summer fashion, you must keep a touch of these colors in your outfit.

Currently, this color is superhit in the fashion world. Fashion influencers are keeping such colors in their collections, while it is also making its way into the wardrobes of celebrities. So you must have such lavender clothes in your collection! In this case you can wear lavender shade dress, kurti or saree. Looks great!