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What the Hon’ble President wrote in the visit book of the memorial

To institutionalize democracy, absolute tolerance, human rights and the rule of law must be consolidated and every citizen must play a more responsible and effective role from their respective positions, said the honorable president. Sahabuddin.

On the occasion of ‘Great Independence and National Day’, he signed the visitation book after paying his respects at the National Memorial on Tuesday (March 26) morning.

He wrote, on the occasion of the Great Independence and National Day 2024, I  extend my sincere greetings and warm congratulations to all Bangladeshis living in the country and abroad. On this historic day, I remember with utmost respect the great architect of independent  Bangladesh , the greatest Bengali father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

I gratefully remember the leaders of national  tea , brave freedom fighters, organizations and supporters of the liberation war, foreign friends and people of all walks of life, who have directly and indirectly contributed to our rights and freedom struggle. I remember with utmost respect all the martyrs including Shaheed Begum Fazilatun Nesha Mujib and Bangabandhu’s three sons on the night of 15th August when they were hit by the bullets of the killers. I  pray for the forgiveness of their souls.

The Honorable President also wrote, Bangabandhu’s  Bangladesh, the dreamer of independent-sovereign Sonar Bengal  , is advancing at a breakneck pace on the highway of development today. Under the wise leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we have already positioned ourselves in the ranks of developing countries. According to the ‘Vision 2041’ announced by the Prime Minister, people-oriented and sustainable development, good governance, social justice , transparency and accountability must be ensured to make the country a developed, prosperous and smart Bangladesh by 2041  .

Total tolerance, human rights and rule of law must be consolidated to institutionalize democracy. Every citizen should play a more responsible and effective role from his own position. I call upon the countrymen to deliver the benefits of freedom to the doorsteps of the people through the implementation of the goals and spirit of the liberation war and to contribute effectively to the gold exchange of Bangabandhu’s dream. Bangladesh  is moving forward, will move forward and  will stand tall in the heart of the world as a developed and prosperous ‘Smart Bangladesh ‘, the Sonar Bangla of Bangabandhu’s dream will be established – Insha’Allah.