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34 people admitted to hospital with dengue in one day

In the last one day, 34 more people have been admitted to the hospital due to dengue. However, no one died from the mosquito-borne disease during this period.

The Department of Health said on Tuesday that five of the admitted patients were in Dhaka city and the remaining 29 were admitted in various hospitals outside Dhaka.

In January alone, 1,550 people were hospitalized with dengue, of which 14 died. In February, 339 people were hospitalized, including three deaths. In March, 311 people were infected; 5 of whom have died.

With this, the number of dengue patients admitted to the hospital this year has reached 1899. 23 of them died.

The Department of Health has kept data on hospital admissions and deaths due to dengue since 2000. Among them, 3 lakh 21 thousand 179 people were hospitalized with this disease in 2023. The highest number of 1705 people died due to dengue that year.

On April 16, 194 people were admitted to the hospital, one of whom died.

On Tuesday morning, 87 patients were receiving treatment in different hospitals of the country. 41 of them are admitted in Dhaka; This number is 46 outside Dhaka.