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HomeNews5 shops burnt to ashes in Sreepur late at night.

5 shops burnt to ashes in Sreepur late at night.

Correspondent: Five shops of Aziz Super Market were burnt to ashes south of Kadmer intersection of Nizmaona village of Gazipur Union No. 2 of Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur. The affected shop owners have claimed that there has been damage of around 5 lakh rupees. Aziz, the market owner, has lost about six lakh rupees.

(16th April 2024) The incident took place on Tuesday night at 01:15.

Eyewitnesses said that when the shopkeepers closed their shop and went home at around 11:00 pm, Mehdi Hasan (23), a trader of that market, was sleeping inside his shop. Suddenly, seeing the scene of fire, he shouted to the people and told the people that there was a fire. Worked together to control the fire. Later, when locals informed Mauna Fire Service, 2 fire service units managed to bring the fire under control after about half an hour.

The affected traders of Aziz Super Market are:

1/Md. Jasim Uddin (36), son of Md. Amir Hossain, tea shopkeeper of Nizmaona village, has two shops.

2/ Son of Md Shajahan of that village, Modi’s shopkeeper Mehdi Hasan (23).

3/Shameem (32), Modi’s shopkeeper, son of Shahjahan Gayen of that village

4/Furniture shopkeeper Jahangir Alam.

On receiving the news of the fire at Aziz Market, Gazipur Union Parishad Chairman Alhaj Md. Sirajul Haque Madbar, Nizmaona 9th Ward Member Amjad Fakir, 7.8 and 9th Ward Women Member Kamrunnahar Saeed visited the scene. After the visit, chairman of Gazipur Union Parishad, Alhaj Md. Sirajul Haque Madbar said, “I came as soon as I got the news of the fire. It is really a sad incident. All those who have been affected will be supported by Gazipur Union Parishad. Besides, if anyone is involved in this fire incident or Exemplary punishment will be dealt to him by law if he is found to be involved.