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Buet is hot about the ‘entry’ of the Chhatra League in the campus

bachao buet bachao’ etc.

VC Satya Prasad Majumda has ‘agreed’ to the request of the students and confirmed the need for activity as per the examination report. He said that everything has been done to meet the demands of the students. When the test report comes, I will take action as per the rules. It takes time to do everything within the rules.

Why did you go to Buet campus? When questioned, BCL president Saddam Hossain told Deutsche Welle, “I was going to that course. Met some associates. I was standing at the Shaheed Minar and talking to them. When it rains, I sit in the cafeteria. I go there. At present it is being said that Buet is not a taboo subject, we cannot go there. Of course, I did not go to carry out any political program.

Why is your passage from the conventional understudies so angry justified? When asked, he said, “Indeed, development is being done by making a non-issue an issue. Shibir and Hizb ut Tahrir are operating in a dime as there is no overt legislation. Legislation is a reserved right of every human being. Celebrating Bangabandhu’s birthday on the 17th will be badgering if you celebrate on Walk 26. Those who are doing these things should be investigated and action should be taken against them. All have to maintain a reasonable learning environment there.

Deutsche Welle talked to about 6 fewer students. Five of them did not need to be named.

Tahmid Hossain, a student of the 17th branch of BUET, recognized himself and spoke. He said, “This development of our own is not against the student association. This development teaching is against the legislation. We have no involvement with student politics. Not like this time, a month ago they ate khichuri. The matter has been brought to the consideration of the organization. But the organization has not taken any action. Since then the principals are not getting any consent from the organization.

What Chhatra Jot is saying is that Chhatra Shibir and Hizb ut Tahrir are rehearsing internally due to the shutdown of people’s politics. Adjust this complaint? When asked, Tahmid Hossain said, ‘It is true that Hizb ut is conducting Tahrir exercises. They also rehearse in Dhaka College. There are open legal issues. Then this complaint is not adjusted. And we did not see any movement in the camp. Understudies will challenge anyone they have ever tested. We need a fair environment for education.

Another researcher involved in the development said, “We’re really confused about talking to personalities.” As we can be harassed anytime. But we are not against any particular student organization. We need a rational environment for learning. We need no misfortune in life in the title of understudy legal subject.

What are the demands of students?

1. Imtiaz Rabbi’s unaltered scholarly ejection must be confirmed in composition by 2pm on Saturday.

2. The same incident includes Imtiaz Rabbi. SM Anas Ferdous, Mohammad Hasin Arman Nihal, Anirudh Majumder, Zahirul Islam Imon and Sayem Mahmud Sajeedin Rifat should be removed from BUET academically and from the corridor for all time.

3. A written note by the Buet organization on whether to take legal action against extraneous political figures

The attack on the campus, why they were allowed to enter, and the death penalty.

4. For security reasons, all students are prohibited from being in the campus after 10:30
pm and if any, consent of the Directorate of Student Welfare (DSW) is required for off chance students to be in the campus after 10:30
pm . . In disallowing untouchables, at that time how were the untouchables able to break DSW convention and hold a rally inside the class room at midnight? In this case, DSW has been reluctant to preserve its own protocol.

5. We are doing away with term finals on Saturdays and all educational practices of counting term finals on Sundays.

6. A composite guarantee should be given that no vexatious activities will be undertaken against dissident students.

Meanwhile, another batch of Common Studies held a press conference under the banner of Common Studies at 3 pm on Saturday. They claim that the general students of BUET are ‘A

‘BegK’ is using ‘banned agency’ to take over interface.

In a written statement, Ashiq Alam of the 20th Klump of Educational Institutions said, “We consider the law to deny all studyable legal subjects within the campus within the Buator framework. Be that as it may, on this occasion banned organizations like Hizbut Tahrir, Islami Chhatra Shibir are working subtly inside the college. We are deeply saddened by the killing of Abrar Fahad.

What is the Buet organization saying?
VC Satya Prasad Majumdar has ‘agreed’ to the students’ request and assured the need for activity as per the examination report. The VC answered various queries of the writers in his office.
Satya Prasad Majumdar said that a six-member committee has been formed to look into the incident, saying, “The investigation committee has started work today. Time has been given till April 8. We will listen to its people after getting the test. Report

On the request for permanent expulsion of five other students counting Imtiaz, the VC said, ‘We can remove Imtiaz from the lobby. But the removal of tenure should be removed in a specific way by calling a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee. The examination report will be required for the disciplinary committee assembly. The Disciplinary Committee cannot take any action without the requested report. If rejected in this way, it will not be final even in court. Consequently, a trial will be required and the accused should be given an opportunity to defend himself. We had to take after rules and regulations.

VC Satya Prasad said, “Currently we are not considering the estimated compliance of DSW.” Since, this is a common method. According to the rules when it should happen.

DSW said there was no negligence on his part. Perceivers may claim. But we cannot take action in face of request. We are going to appoint a new DSW when the time is right.”

Responding to an address by the students’ association about entering the campus around midnight, he said, “We will give a note to the security officer to allow them to enter.” He should not be allowed to enter. It must be gross or wild on the off chance that someone enters (the campus) late at night. Who has entered, must be separated to begin with. There can be no discipline without discovery. It needs time. If any security watch allows entry of untouchables, we will take action against it.”

Education Minister’s statement
After a program inside the capital on Saturday, educationist Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Naufel said, “A few days ago, numerous persons complained that some groups were practicing there under disguise. There has been such a speech. We will examine this in more depth. On the off chance that a person has such an attitude and if it looks like wandering to a bunch, it needs to be stopped. So there’s law enforcement, they’re doing these tests. , the counter intimidation based harassment unit will work on this. With the progress of the development, I will call on both sides, counting the students, to take care that the (BUET) learning environment is not destroyed.

In the interim, the students’ association will hold a challenge rally at Shaheed Minar on Sunday (31 Wak) at 11 am to request for disciplined law studies at Bangladesh College of Designing (BUET).

This information was announced in a circular marked by Central President Saddam Hossain and General Secretary Sheikh Wali Asif Inan on Saturday (30) evening.

By agreeing to the notification, the students’ alliance will challenge the central Shaheed Minar against the unconstitutional, anti-fundamental rights, anti-educational elections taken by BUET.