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Awami League is not a committee without strict instructions from the center to restore order in the party

Awami League has taken a strict stance to restore party order throughout the country. No one can form or dissolve any police station or upazila committee without the instructions of the centre. Party MPs cannot interfere in upcoming upazila elections. This message has been cleared to Trinamool leaders. Party leaders from all over the country have been summoned to Dhaka.

A month and a half has passed since the 12th National Assembly elections were held, but still the conflicts and conflicts at the grassroots of Awami League in different parts of the country have not stopped. At the same time, ignoring central directives, expulsion, seizure of property of party leaders, vandalism of businesses and houses, beatings, looting, and even harassment by the administration in some places are also happening. Many have fled the area. In this situation, the central leaders held a meeting with the party leaders of Rangpur division on Saturday. Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader MP was the chief guest. The central leaders will meet with the leaders of Chittagong division at 11 am today Sunday . The meeting will be held at the Dhaka District Awami League office in Tejgaon.

In yesterday’s meeting, the general secretary of Awami League said to the leaders of Rangpur division, ‘You cannot form any committee on your own will. You can neither form nor disband a police station-upzilla committee. If you have anything to say, suggest to the center that action should be taken against the said committee. Why do you break? Many times it is seen that the upazila or thana committee has been dissolved but the center does not know about it. It cannot happen in Awami League. You will make a committee from your pocket, we don’t want a pocket committee. The committee will be made with leaders who have given up on the difficult times of the party.’

Obaidul Quader warned that members of parliament should not exert influence to win the candidate of their choice in the upazila elections, saying that the party cannot run in a free style. MPs cannot interfere in upazila elections. The party will not accept it in any way if the MPs exert influence to win their own people in the elections. He said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has opened upazila elections on your request. Obaidul Quader said, ‘Bridges should be built at the level of the organizational process. We have to build bridges with the people. Organizational bridge should be created between district and upazila, union with upazila. Wherever there are walls, they must be demolished. We have to remember that one who has an enemy in his house does not need an external enemy for his enmity. For this reason, you have to drive away the enemies of your house. The goal of Smart Bangladesh will never be successful by keeping enemies at home .’ He said, ‘We have to keep the party united. If there is any problem, solve it yourself. If not, we have central committee, we have leaders. We will solve the problem at home. If we treat each other like enemies at home, we must be careful not to repeat it as happened in various places in the national elections. Those who want to compete should do it.’

Highlighting the government’s expectations regarding the upazila elections, Obaidul Quader said that he wants the elections to be completely free and fair . Many people talk a lot about the national elections. The apprehension and fear that existed before the election has passed through the election. He also said that the Awami League will come to a dead end after the upazila elections to solve some of the problems in the organization. Advising the leaders and activists to be moderate and responsible in their speech, he said, ‘The party will not accept the responsibility of those who make irresponsible statements as they please.

Regarding the 12th National Parliament election, Obaidul Quader said that the whole world witnessed the election. 80 countries congratulated Sheikh Hasina. 32 organizations congratulated him. Has expressed commitment to work with Bangladesh . Obaidul Quader said that politics will not work in Bangladesh based on what BNP said . Their thinking does not match the actual situation. Where is the deficit in the election? The turn out is satisfactory. Those who once talked about the election, there was a question of ban, they also understood the real situation of Bangladesh .

General Secretary of Awami League said that BNP, which killed democracy in this country, is now crying for democracy. Whatever anyone says, we are on the right track. We know our status in various financial indicators. The tone of optimism in the voice of the finance minister. We have no reason to fear now. Don’t get confused . Obaidul Quader commented that domestic and foreign conspiracies were being played on the election and said that such a game was going on even in the 1970s. Just as some friendly countries including India were on the side of that evil game in 1971, they are still standing by our side. And this is India’s crime. For that, Indian products should be boycotted. Those who say to boycott, India in their kitchen, India in their dressing room, Indian products in their bedroom—this is the reality. The same sinister game of anti-Indianness that was played during Bangabandhu’s reign has started again. Above all, BNP is now anti-India. We are going through challenging times. At this time you have to work with a cool head.

Awami League presidium member Shajahan Khan presided over the discussion meeting, among others, the party’s joint general secretary and foreign minister. Hasan Mahmud, Finance Minister Abul Hasan Mahmud Ali, State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury, Member of Parliament Asaduzzaman Noor, Office Secretary Barrister Biplab Barua and others were present. Awami League organizing secretary in charge of Rangpur division Sujit Roy Nandi inaugurated the meeting . Leaders of the organizational districts under Rangpur division, party and individual members of the National Parliament and party public representatives were present.

General Secretary Jahangir Alam Manik of Noakhali’s Senbagh Upazila Awami League has dismissed the leaders from the party posts, ignoring the central instructions, the president of the same upazila Awami League and member of parliament of Noakhali-2 seat . He announced their exemption in the extended meeting of Upazila Awami League on February 5. The leaders of a section of the Upazila Awami League have decided not to keep 24 leaders of Bagmara Upazila Awami League of Rajshahi, including former member of parliament Enamul Haque, on party posts due to their direct work against the party candidate in the National Assembly elections. They were recently recommended for permanent removal from the party for non-response to the show-cause letter (show cause letter) issued a month and a half ago. Three leaders of different units of Awami League have been exempted from all posts and activities of the party for opposing the boat in Brahmanbaria-3 (Sadar and Vijaynagar) constituencies in the parliamentary elections. The recommendation of their permanent expulsion has been sent to the Central Awami League.

According to sources, Bangladesh Awami League nominated boat symbol candidate for Brahmanbaria-3 constituency openly opposed the district Awami League president RM Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury MP, so it was decided to expel three people in the emergency meeting of the district Awami League on January 8. There were more than three hundred and fifty independent candidates in at least 220 constituencies in this election. Out of these 62 seats were won by independent candidates.

Members of parliament want to give party support to the candidate even if there is no symbol

Parliamentarians, district and upazila leaders want to support the party even if there is no party symbol in the upazila parishad elections . Awami League’s Rangpur divisional discussion meeting has proposed such a proposal by the members of parliament and the top leaders of the party’s trinamool. Several leaders present at the meeting confirmed this information to Ittefaq. In the meeting, a leader said, “Even if there is no party symbol in the upazila elections, there is a proposal of party support to the candidate. Time will tell when to give symbols or support. Proposals are coming from them. Sujan bhai (former railway minister) and Asaduzzaman Noor bhai proposed.

General Secretary of Awami League gave a welcome speech in the meeting. Then the discussion begins. The local leaders have failed to resolve the long-standing complications with the police station committees of Rangpur metropolis. From the meeting, the officials of the center were given the responsibility to resolve this complication. Several leaders present at the meeting said that the organizational team of Awami League will now solve the complexities of police station committees in Rangpur metropolis.