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Hezbollah launched a rocket attack on Israel

Own Reporter:
The Lebanese armed group Hezbollah launched a rocket attack on northern Israel. Israel’s military said at least 40 rockets were fired from Lebanon.

According to the Israeli military, several of the rockets fired by Hezbollah were destroyed in the air. Moreover, there were no casualties.

Israel’s decision to close Al-Jazeera TV is blocking the ceasefire agreement: Hamas has already claimed responsibility for the attack, Hezbollah. Earlier on the same day, they fired 20 more rockets at Israel. Hezbollah has been attacking Israel since the start of the war in support of the Palestinians. However, Israel is also carrying out counter-attacks on their target objects.
Meanwhile, Israel has decided to close the Qatar-based news channel Al-Jazeera. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his government had decided to shut down the television.
In a post on social media, Netanyahu said the government has unanimously decided that Al-Jazeera will remain closed in Israel.