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Is bathing with ice water good for the body?

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Many bathe with ice bath or ice water. Many are diving into cryotherapy in the sweltering heat. It is not recommended to sit in ice or cold water for 10-15 minutes. Is this therapy good for all ages?

However, there have been many studies on this. Some say that this method is especially useful in curing body aches and pains. According to some, this therapy also has side effects.

However, according to Brian Gardnor, a doctor at the Center for Advanced Orthopedics, it cannot be said that cryotherapy has no merit. However, cryotherapy does not work in the same way for all tissue or muscle injuries.

What happens to the body if you drink too much bottled water, keep the house cool without AC,
what are the benefits of taking a bath in ice water?

1. Ice water can eliminate inflammation in the body, be it from exercise or any other reason.

2. Muscle soreness after exercise is normal. Ice water can relieve this muscle pain.

3. Ice water helps in proper blood circulation in the body. If blood circulation is good, oxygen reaches different parts of the body easily.

4. Is a bath in ice water useful to deal with the stress of professional and personal life? Doctors say that bathing in such cold water increases the secretion of a special protein. It helps in controlling stress.

5. If there is an injury in any part of the body, the blood circulation is disrupted. Ice water also helps heal those wounds.