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Iran-Israel tensions, the United States denies the attack on Iraq

Correspondent: In the midst of Iran-Israel tension, an attack on the military base of the pro-Iranian para-militia force in Iraq has taken place. The arrow of accusation is directed at the United States. But the country rejected it.

In a tweet, the country’s Central Command said, “We are aware of reports claiming that the United States has carried out airstrikes in Iraq.” These reports are not true. The US has not launched any airstrikes in Iraq.

A bomb attack took place on a military base of the Popular Mobilization Forces, a pro-Iranian para-militia force south of Baghdad. At least three members of that force were injured. Al-Jazeera news

Muhannad al-Anaji, a member of Iraq’s security committee, said in a statement that the attack took place on Friday evening local time.

The Popular Mobilization Forces is a pro-Iranian force made up of several Shiite armed groups. In a statement released early on Saturday, Anaji said, five explosions took place at the military base of the army.

However, the Popular Mobilization Forces said in a statement that an explosion occurred at the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces at the Kalsu military base in Al-Mashrou district on the highway north of Babylon Governorate. The explosion caused material damage and injuries. An investigation team reached the spot to investigate the incident. Details will be given after the preliminary investigation is over.

Israel has denied attacking military bases of pro-Iranian para-militia forces in Iraq. An Israeli official told CNN that Israel had no involvement with the explosion in Iraq on Friday evening, while the US Central Command said that the US had not launched any attack in Iraq.

The attack on pro-Iranian militia forces and the explosion occurred near the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, a day after Israel attacked a military base in Isfahan, Iran, in response to Iran’s attack on Israel.