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‘MV Abdullah’ rescued by the Indian Navy?

Recently, the Bangladeshi ship ‘MV Abdullah’, which was hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean on its way to the United Arab Emirates with coal from the African country of Mozambique, has been rescued by several leading Indian media outlets. Indian media have reported that MV Abdullah was rescued by warships and patrol aircraft of the Indian Navy. However, the headline of the Indian media report stated that the MV Abdullah was rescued by the Indian Navy, but no information was given in the report. Therefore, Bangla Insider could not confirm the truth of the claim of the country’s media about the rescue of ‘MV Abdullah’. Some of India’s leading media published the news under the headline “Hijacked Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah has been rescued by Indian Navy”. The list of these media includes The Indian Express, India Today, The New Indian Express, Indian news agency Indo Asia News Service (IANS), First Post, News 18 and some other media of the country. Indian Express has published a report about MV Abdullah under the title “Navy rescues hijacked Bangladesh-flagged ship”. No information was found in their report on the claim of this title. Rather, according to the report, the Indian Navy has responded to a request for emergency assistance to a Bangladeshi-flagged cargo ship that was hijacked in the Indian Ocean. This is the latest such series of operations by the Indian Navy in the region. According to the report, according to the information of the Indian Navy, the warships and patrol aircraft of the Indian Navy responded to the incident of pirate attack on the Bangladeshi-flagged ship MV Abdullah on its way from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates. The Indian Navy deployed the long-range maritime patrol aircraft shortly after detecting the location of the commercial vessel MV Abdullah on Tuesday (March 12) evening. The Navy also attempted to contact the ship to ascertain the crew’s latest situation. But at that time there was no response from MV Abdullah. India has already deployed warships in that part of the Indian Ocean to conduct maritime security operations. After the hijacking of MV Abdullah came to light, the warship changed course and started following the Bangladeshi ship. At one point, they blocked the way of the hijacked Bangladeshi commercial ship. “Indian warships and patrol aircraft continued to closely follow the MV Abdullah, which was held hostage by armed pirates, until it reached Somali waters, giving way to ensure the safety of its crew,” an Indian Navy statement said. Influential media outlet India Today also carried the headline “Hijacked Bangladesh-flagged ship recovered by Navy”. However, the headline was changed shortly after the report was published. “Indian Navy thwarts pirate attack on Bangladeshi ship near Somalia,” India Today headlined the redacted report. It said the Indian Navy responded to an emergency request for assistance from a Bangladesh-flagged cargo ship hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Earlier this week, the ship was hijacked by Somali pirates with 23 crew members on board. The Indian Navy later deployed Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft (LRMP) to rescue the ship. India Today, another media outlet in the country, also said that warships deployed by the Indian Navy intercepted the hijacked commercial vessel. According to officials, the warship successfully intercepted the Bangladeshi vessel on the morning of March 14 The hijacked vessel’s crew was later released to safety and the warship followed the vessel from a position close to MV Abdullah until it reached Somalia’s territorial waters. Indian news agency Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) published a report titled “Indian Navy Rescues Bangladeshi citizens held hostage by Pirates”. According to the report, the Indian Navy said on Friday that the hostages of Bangladeshi citizens have been rescued by the pirates. The Bangladeshi-flagged vessel MV Abdullah was hijacked on its way from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates. Indian media First Post also reported the rescue of the Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah. This press published the report under the title “Indian Navy protected Bangladesh flagship from pirate attack off Somalia coast”. But the report did not give any information about the rescue of MV Abdullah. Rather, First Post published almost exactly the report of India Today and Indian Express. Another newspaper of the country, The New Indian Express, also published a report titled “Navy rescues Bangladeshi ship in the Gulf of Aden”. It is said that the Indian Navy’s warships responded quickly to the request for the assistance of the Bangladesh commercial ship MV Abdullah in the Gulf of Aden. An Indian Navy mission warship and an LRMP aircraft responded to the pirate attack on the Bangladeshi flagship MV Abdullah while en route from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates. Quoting an Indian Navy statement, The New Indian Express said, “The LRMP aircraft was deployed immediately after receiving the request. After locating the Bangladeshi vessel on Tuesday evening, the Indian Navy tried to establish contact with the crew. However, no response was received from the Bangladeshi ship. This New Indian Express report also did not give any information about the rescue of MV Abdullah. However, in the headline, the Bangladeshi ship has been rescued by this country’s media. Also Indian media WIN, Hans India, News 18, and other media reported that MV Abdullah was rescued by the Indian Navy. However, no domestic or international source could confirm the truth of this claim by the Indian media.