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The US President’s plane, Air Force One, was stolen

Air Force One, the US President’s official plane, has been stolen. Expensive souvenirs in the aircraft’s designated area for media personnel have disappeared. Complaints were naturally directed at reporters traveling on Air Force One with the president. They have been warned for this.

The incident came to notice last February. After President Joe Biden’s visit to the West Coast of the United States. Checking Air Force One’s belongings at the end of the tour revealed that there were no memorabilia in the area designated for media personnel.

The ‘White House Correspondents’ Association has warned journalists in this incident that it is forbidden to take anything from Air Force One.

The association sent an e-mail last month to all White House reporters. It said that such behavior shows a very bad attitude towards the journalists traveling with the President. Such behavior must be avoided.

Boxes of chocolates are sometimes given to reporters on Air Force One as souvenirs. It bears the seal of the President. The US administration says, however, that Air Force One memorabilia (such as dishes, towels, etc.) has gone missing frequently.

Voice of America’s White House correspondent Misha Komadowski said he has built a ‘small’ collection of memorabilia from the US president’s official aircraft. This includes a box of chocolates with President Biden’s signature and seal.

This journalist told the BBC, ‘I did not embarrass anyone. I have not even committed any wrongdoing for this collection.’ Recalling the incident one day, Komadowski said, ‘I had a paper cup with the Air Force One logo on it. I forgot to throw it away.’

Air Force One is considered the home of the US President’s air travel. Aircraft security is flawless. The aircraft has a total of 4,000 square feet of space on three levels.

The President’s official aircraft can refuel mid-air. As a result, Air Force One has the ability to travel unlimited distances in an emergency. Apart from this, it is also capable of resisting air attacks.