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Can the newborn sleep in the AC?

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Nowadays AC has become a necessary device. Therefore, apart from the upper class, AC also has a place in the house of the middle class. One of the reasons is that the intensity of heat is increasing day by day. If you have AC at home, you can breathe a little relief in the cool air even in intense heat. Not good for adults but how good is AC for newborns? Those who have a newborn at home, what should they do in terms of using AC? Let’s find out-

It is not the case that newborns or small children cannot be slept in AC. However, some precautions must be taken in this case. Or the baby may catch a cold. Also, due to cold, he may have trouble sleeping. And if the sleep is not good, the child’s mood will be irritable all day.

If the child sleeps in an AC room, the temperature should be taken care of first. In some cases you have to make concessions for the child. So instead of setting the temperature according to your own needs, you should pay attention to the needs of the baby. Many people prefer to sleep in a cool room by keeping the AC at 19-20 degrees. However, this cannot be done if a newborn or small child is in the room. Because at this temperature the baby may feel very cold. Instead, try to keep the temperature between 24-26.

Cover the baby well with a blanket or sheet while sleeping. Many people think that babies don’t need sheets or blankets during summer. But sleeping in the cold temperature of the AC can cause the baby to catch a cold. Children are not like adults. Their endurance is naturally lower than that of adults. So if you want to keep the child away from cold, cold, phlegm, cough, fever, take care of this.

It is important to be careful where you let the baby sleep in the bed. If using AC in the room, do not let the baby sleep in a place where AC air is directly exposed. Instead, let him sleep in an area with less air. Or if the air of the AC directly hits him, the child may have problems such as headache and cold.

Children’s skin is much more delicate than ours. So sleeping in AC at night can cause baby’s skin to lose moisture quickly. So you have to take care of the baby’s skin. Use suitable oils, baby lotions, moisturizers etc. on the baby’s skin.