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In 2022, Bangladesh became the unbeaten women's SAF champions in Kathmandu. This time also women's clean will be held in Kathmandu. After the SAF...
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How many of these 35 small habits are in you? match up

Suddenly life seems too difficult? Try these 35 small habit changes. Your life is bound to be simpler, healthier, more beautiful and positive.

1. Keep a glass of water by the bed. A glass of water after waking up will keep your body healthy. Drink at least four glasses of water by 12 noon.

2. Spend half an hour a day with loved ones. At this time, keep all devices including mobile phone, laptop away. Walk with a partner, talk and share experiences throughout the day.

3. Call your parents. Once you are less busy, there will be more time to talk. But then they won’t be there anymore.

4. Eat whole fruits. You will get much more nutrition than eating chopped or juiced.

5. Has become flat under the pressure of work in the office? Chat with your colleague for ten minutes after noon. It will take a lot of effort.

6. Any exercise is good for your body. If you have nothing to do, take a five minute walk outside. Spend time with nature.

7. Don’t go shopping bored, frustrated or hungry. Because there is a high risk of ‘impulsive shopping’ or overspending.

8. Create a circle of friends outside the office and family.

9. Smile sweetly at the person walking by. How many more beautiful things in this world than a smile?

10. Can’t sleep at night? Avoid tea and coffee from the list of afternoon snacks.

11. Rain or shine, spend some time outdoors.

12. Make the bed immediately after waking up. A messy bed is enough to mess up your routine.

13. Spend a lot of time on Facebook every day? Uninstall Facebook today.

14. Have not talked to a friend for a long time? Drop the phone today.

15. Do not eat in a hurry. No matter how busy you are, take your time and chew your food slowly.

16. Don’t stay indoors when the weather is bad; Rather wear the right clothes and go out.

17. Haven’t been to the library or bookstore in a long time? go today Borrow some books to read next Friday and Saturday. Whether you actually read it or not, it will be seen later. Make it a habit to turn the pages of a book before going to bed at night. Sleep quality will also be good. You will see at the end of the year, a dozen beautiful books have been read!

18. Go out in nice clothes.

19. Cook something a little different. Maybe it is a different position in a different country. No matter how you eat, you will get 100% pleasure. It’s okay to try something new by watching YouTube.

20. There are many messages or e-mails to loved ones. Or write whatever is random in your mind. Write down the problem. Make a habit of writing.

21. Switch off mobile phones and laptops by 9 pm. A good sleep is more important than watching Nana Muni’s various views, reels and rants on social media at night.

22. Does the sun come to the roof or balcony? Today, take out the clothes and let them dry.

23. Can you forget about the pictures in the album? You can take out the pictures to remember!

24. Place some greenery in the corner of the room or on the office desk. Take care of the tree.

25. Take a short nap after noon. Relax on the side.

26. Friend did something very good? Congratulations. celebrate Give the treat.

27. If you participate in any discussion, including political, do not impose your opinion on everyone; Instead, practice listening carefully to everyone.

28. Are you panting too much in the heat? How about treating yourself to an ice cream treat? Did something good? It can be a small goal. Treat yourself. give a gift Keep motivated.

29. When you realize you made a mistake, admit it immediately.

30. How mature you are as a person depends on how much you can keep a cool head and take the right decision at any ‘important’ moment.

31. Do you always walk along familiar roads? One day he returned home by an unknown road. Another day he may have walked home. Know your surroundings well.

32. Always keep a small shopping bag and water bottle with you.

33. Do not argue with anyone when you are hungry.

34. Take off your shoes occasionally. Walk with your feet on the green grass.

35. Spend time with children occasionally. If you can afford, you can also take responsibility of an orphan child.

The tasks are small. It shouldn’t take much time or effort. If you have 25 (70 percent) of these little habits along with eight hours of sleep, eight glasses of water and a good diet, you’re on the right track. Why delay when these small steps can make a big positive difference in your life?