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Let the impasse end soon

The episodes that have taken place at the Bangladesh College of Building and Innovation in the last few days are not unusual but very disturbing. On the night of October 6, 2019, subordinate legislative issues were banned after Sherbangla Corridor student Abrar Fahad was slaughtered by BCL vanguards and activists. After this election, no incident happened inside the college for a long time of 4:30.

But at the conclusion of Walk 2024, why did it suddenly stop? Agitated students challenged, boycotted the exam. On the other hand, the students’ association recently held a rally at the Central Shaheed Minar and requested to bring orderly legal issues to the BUET.

The incident started with the visit of BCL pioneers to the BUET campus finals at midnight on Wednesday. After
10:30 pm students of BUET are not allowed to enter there. The address is, on the basis of the Student-Teacher Agreement, party legislation was prohibited on the BUET campus, is it now a situation that students’ associations have to enter there at midnight?

Students are holding a program to challenge the passage of BCL pioneers and workers and demand security within the campus. They made a five-point request enumerating the prolonged expulsion of six BUET students to help transport vanguards and workers of the student union. The college’s vice-chancellor, Satya Prasad Majumder, expressed his understanding with the request of a few students but criticized their decision to skip the exam.

BUET Campus occasions are not limited to BUET. General Secretary of Awami Association and Minister of Roads and Bridges Obaidul Quader has asked to investigate whether the leaders and activists have fuel behind the development of BUET or not. The education minister also complained about the exercise of activists and fundamentalist organizations in BUET. Whether or not there is radical movement in Buet may be subject to examination by the Domestic Service and Insights Office. The student union or any other understudy organization has nothing to do in this matter.

The Chhatra League has requested the presentation of legislative matters by competent students in BUET. Systematic politics are they cruel? Specific understudy legal matters should be around student problems and since it has experts to talk to the elected understudy board.

It also addresses whether those who claim systematic legal affairs at BUET offer the same opportunities for coexistence to other study groups on other campuses. Systematic student legal issues in academic education imply that all student organizations can conduct their practice there and elected agents of the study committee will try to ensure a nonpartisan learning environment and address student issues. But in reality that situation does not exist, so what the student union says is almost orderly legislative issues are pointless.

However, we feel that it is not right to take any action that disrupts the instructional program for those agitating in Buet. In this, those who are agitating to secure the interface of subordinates will be affected. Request to all to ensure fair environment of education. Stopping instructions is not tempting at all.

In view of the demands of the students, the college organization constituted a request committee. We believe the inquiry committee will give a befitting report and take appropriate substantive steps to resolve the current impasse. Let a reasonable and normal atmosphere return to the college, let the exams and classes go on – that’s what everyone can hope for.