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The target is the radar of Iran’s nuclear facilities, Israel launched 3 missiles.

Members of the military guard security at a nuclear facility in the Zardanjan area of ​​the Iranian city of Ispahan. April 19, 2024 Photo: Reuters
News International Dex: Israel has launched a missile attack targeting a radar system protecting a nuclear facility near the central city of Isfahan. A senior US official gave this information about Israel’s attack on Iran early Friday morning.

The US official told ABC News that Israeli warplanes fired three missiles from outside Iran’s border early Friday morning. The Israelis targeted an air defense radar installation near Isfahan. This radar is engaged in the security of the Natanz nuclear facility.

The US official said that the initial assessment is that the Israeli missile hit the target. Further inquiries are being made in this regard. According to him, this attack was carried out to send a message to Iran. That is, Israel has the capability to carry out such an attack. However, he commented that Israel does not want to make the situation more heated.

Meanwhile, citing unnamed Iranian officials, the New York Times reported that Israel attacked a military base near the city of Isfahan. In addition, an Israeli attack was foiled in the Tabriz area, about 500 miles north of Isfahan. The country’s news agencies reported that explosions were heard near these two cities in Iran.

A series of loud explosions occurred in Isfahan around 4 am local time on Friday. A flash of light appears in the night sky. This situation arose because the city of Isfahan, which has several military bases and nuclear facilities, was attacked. After this incident, the airspace of the western region of Iran, including the capital Tehran, was closed. The country’s western airspace was closed for several hours until 8:00 a.m. local time on Friday. Iran has not officially acknowledged that Israel carried out the attack. Israel has not said anything about it either.