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This time, Iran imposed sanctions on the United States and the United Kingdom

Iran has imposed sanctions on US and British officials for supporting Israel on the Gaza issue. The country announced the ban on Thursday. News from AFP

Israel’s arch-enemy Iran has said in a statement from its foreign ministry that Israel is fighting against the Palestinian independence group Hamas. Some British and US officials have been sanctioned for supporting Israel in the war.

According to the statement, seven people, including the commander of the US Special Operations Command, General Brian P. Fenton, and the former commander of the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, were placed under the sanctions.

Meanwhile, the statement also said that the sanctions targeted UK Defense Secretary of State Grant Shapps, British Army Strategic Command Commander James Hockenhull and the UK Royal Navy in the Red Sea.

In addition, penalties have been announced against US firms Lockheed Martin and Chevron and British counterparts Elbit Systems, Parker Meggitt and Rafael UK.

The ministry said the sanctions include “blocking accounts and transactions in Iran’s financial and banking system, blocking assets within the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as banning the issuance of visas and entry into Iranian territory.”

But the impact of these actions on individuals or entities, as well as their assets or dealings with Iran. Everything remains unclear.

Iran, while supporting Hamas, has denied direct involvement in the attack.