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Trump is in legal trouble, which is why he can become president

The former president of the United States and the potential presidential candidate from the Republican party, Donald Trump, appeared in court in New York on Monday for trial in a criminal case. Trump’s then-lawyer Michael Cohen bribed ex-porn star Stormy Daniels with a large sum of money before the US presidential election in 2016 in order not to open up about his relationship with Trump. In addition, Trump also resorted to falsification of his business records to conceal the payment.

Trump is the first former US president to face criminal charges. Trump’s trial in this case will continue during the campaign for the presidential election. But what would happen if a jury convicted Trump and a judge sentenced Trump before the presidential election in November this year?

A total of 34 charges have been brought against Trump for falsifying business records. Trump has denied all charges. However, if the allegations are proven, Trump can be sentenced to a maximum of 1 year and 4 months to 4 years in prison. But in some cases, defendants are usually sentenced to a year or less while in jail. Trump is the first to be convicted of a non-violent crime. Apart from this, he has no other criminal record against him. In that case, he is more likely to be fined or put on probation (suspended sentence or not imprisoned) instead of imprisonment. If Trump is sentenced to more than a fine, he may be placed under house arrest or restricted mobility instead of jail time. Apart from that, he can be released on bail if he appeals against the conviction. As a result, whether Trump is convicted or sentenced to prison in a criminal case; It will not affect his presidential eligibility.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s criminal trial has begun with half of the potential jurors dismissed on grounds of impartiality. He appeared in a New York court on Monday morning local time for a hearing on charges of bribing porn star Stormy Daniels not to open up about a sexual relationship.

Standing in court, Trump said it was a scandalous trial. If you read all the legal scholars today, all the jurists, I don’t see a single one that says, this is a case that can be tried. It is a victim of political witchcraft. I’m campaigning like I’m not in Georgia or Florida or North Carolina. It suits the radical left Democrats. That’s exactly what they want. This is electoral interference. Just conspiracy.

After the judge left the courtroom that day, Trump became agitated. Trump had a brief exchange with his lawyer, Todd Blanch, after Judge Juan Marchan left for his chambers. Later he expressed his displeasure. News from Reuters and BBC.