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US visa ban on Israeli settlers disrupting peace in West Bank

A woman holding an Israeli flag in the West Bank image: Reuters

The United States has announced a visa ban on Israeli settlers involved in undermining the peace, security or stability of the Palestinian West Bank.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made the announcement on Tuesday, December 5.

A day earlier, the US State Department said that Israeli settlers have been attacking Palestinians at various times. Palestinians are losing land. However, the Israeli administration is not taking any effective measures to stop these.

Talking about the visa ban yesterday, social media X Blinken wrote, ‘Today (Tuesday) the US State Department is announcing a new visa ban policy.

Those involved in the destruction of peace, security and stability in the West Bank will be brought under this ban. Such acts include any acts of violence or acts that unduly prevent civilians from accessing essential services and goods.’

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the visa ban went into effect on Tuesday. Several settlers and their family members are subject to sanctions.

Earlier, according to another Al Jazeera report, US President Joe Biden announced this visa ban in an article published in the Washington Post last November. The article titled ‘The US Won’t Back Down from the Challenge of Putin and Hamas’ explains his position on the Russian leader and the ruling party in Gaza. He said the US was ready to impose visa bans on “extremists” who attacked civilians in the West Bank.