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Gulf countries do not allow US attack on Iran

Gulf monarchical governments are not allowing Washington to use US military bases on their territory to retaliate against Iranian attacks. US Gulf allies are working...
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What is Zahid Khan’s 40 thousand rupees bridal dress?

The work of decorating is only for women? Many famous makeup artists around the world are men. Women become more beautiful in their perfect tuli achad. Zahid Khan is one of the male beauticians in Bangladesh. Now she is one of the most popular makeup artists of the country.

Chimcham, sweet girl: Suman Yusuf However, today’s popularity, he has to let brides dress up long serials, his early days were quite difficult. He had to prove himself step by step. However, with the passage of time, people have gained a lot of trust and love. He has won praise for the magic of his hands. Zahid Khan said, ‘You can see new changes in the dress. So we try to keep an eye on the direction of the international trend. I try to make the person whom I am decorating the most beautiful.

Zahid Khan dresses up the model for ‘Barnil Biye’ magazine Photo: Suman Yusuf For example, brides these days are opting for light colored dresses instead of wearing dark colors as before. Therefore, Zahid Khan thinks that it is important to have that dimension in the dress. And that’s why her makeup is becoming popular now. Instead of just sticking to gold jewelry, brides are wearing lime, emerald and stone jewelry. In that way, the facial makeup has to be changed. Zahid Khan’s glittering bridal studio is on the third floor of a building on Niketan 8 Road in the capital. He dressed the bride there every day.

Zahid Khan was the make-up artist for Tasnia Farine’s bridal look that went viral: Compilation Zahid Khan decked the sweet bride in a pink Jamdani saree for a colorful wedding. She tied her hair back in a bun, and tied f

our fresh roses in it matching the color of the saree. Soft makeup has replaced the glitter on the face. Kajal gives light eyes, light lips and a light pink tint to the cheeks. Since the color of the saree is light, she has chosen dark green emerald jewelry. Matching earrings and tikli in sinthi. Kundan bangles are worn with white and green glass bangles on both hands.

Zahid Khan’s makeup from star to common man has become quite popular with everyone Photo: Collected Zahid Khan said, if you want to dress with him, you have to book the bride a month in advance. It will cost 40 thousand rupees. He usually uses international quality cosmetics. And because of this, Zahid Khan’s makeup has become quite popular with everyone from the star to the common man.