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How useful is the use of household items in beauty care?

Mothers perform various responsibilities at home. Cook, financial adviser, counseling for mental problems etc. Before the age of Internet and YouTube, they used to give various tips on beauty.

How the skin will be smooth, long black hair will be achieved by using various household items.

Ever since childhood, you may have seen your elder sister walking around dressed as a ghost with gram flour on her face. Or someone else putting egg or curd on her hair one day a week. Food items, but they were or are still being used to make beauty at home. But Senye comments whether they are useful. Real beauticians.

[Many people apply besan on their faces at home]

You may have heard about the use of ghee to moisturize the skin, besan to smooth the skin . Grind gram flour with water and make a paste. Then massage it on the skin. Leave it for a while and wash it off. But cosmetics scientist Florence Adepju says, “Ghee is a very sticky substance. It contains high levels of sebum which can clog skin pores. I wouldn’t call it a beauty tip. And gram flour made with chickpeas may come in handy to smoothen the skin. But notice that they are not made to be applied to the skin. Therefore, one should be careful in its use in physical therapy.”

Eggs for soft hair

Many people dislike frizzy hair. Beauticians say that conditioner after shampooing softens the hair. There are many stories in this subcontinent about the long black hair of women. After massaging the egg in the hair and washing it with cold water, the hair softens. Although the smell of raw egg is not very pleasant, many girls use it. It can be seen. Hair artist Tolu Agoro says, “Our hair contains proteins. Having the right amount of protein in our body strengthens the hair follicles. It reduces hair breakage or split ends.” “However, the protein molecules in eggs are too large for the hair shaft. I disagree with the idea that it works to repair damaged hair.”

Bleaching body fur with lemon juice

Body hair is disliked by many. Many people remove excess hair from the skin of the hands, feet and face. Many people bleach or whiten the thin hair. Lemon juice has this ability to be obeyed. Many people believe that if you mix lemon juice with honey and apply it on the hair and leave it in the sun for 20 minutes, the color of the hair will lighten. But he warns about its harmful side. He says, “If you apply lemon juice mixed with honey on the skin and sit in the sun, think about how much the skin will burn in the sunlight.” I personally think take it easy on body hair. What does it matter what people think?”

Vinegar for hair shine.

Short black long hair is spreading a glow. When beautiful girls are described in this region, they must have shiny hair. Mix vinegar in a bowl of lukewarm water and wash your hair with it at least once a week to get shiny hair. Hairdresser Danielle Farley McSweeney says, “Vinegar really has cleaning power. The acid it contains removes any dirt from the hair. It is natural that the hair will be shiny. The acid may also soften the hair. But those with dry hair should not use it.”