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The Health Minister has ordered the country’s hospitals to be ready

Own Correspondent: Health Minister Samant Lal Sen has ordered all the hospitals in the country to be prepared to deal with adverse conditions in the midst of intense heat wave. At the same time, he also ordered not to admit emergency patients in hospitals.

The health minister gave this instruction in a virtual meeting with hospital directors and civil surgeons across the country at the secretariat on Sunday (April 21).

He said there is a risk of heat stroke in summer. New policies on patient management have been developed and delivered to hospitals. Saline and drugs are adequately stocked. It is advised not to hospitalize cold cases (those who do not need to be admitted now) due to pressure and not to hospitalize patients who do not need immediate surgery. Hospitals are prepared for hostile environment.

He also said that the most vulnerable in this heat are the elderly and children. Now there is such a climate change that we have never heard in our life that Dubai airport has sunk. We have to face them.