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Are you using highlighter in makeup correctly?

Photo: Adnan Rahman
The use of highlighter in makeup can change the entire look of a person.
In today’s era, the acceptance of makeup has increased many times regardless of men and women. Almost everyone now uses makeup in their daily routine. So more or less everyone is interested in knowing the details of makeup.

Now everyone has a highlighter in their makeup wish list. The use of highlighter in makeup can change the entire look of a person. Some prefer a matte look, while others prefer a glowy-dewy look. These looks depend on the correct use of highlighters.

What is highlighter?

A highlighter is a type of cosmetic used to highlight any part of the face or body. Where the highlighter is applied, the light is reflected and makes the area appear brighter.

Type of highlighter

Highlighters generally come in four formulas or types. Stick highlighters, cream highlighters, liquid highlighters and powder highlighters. Highlighter is used according to skin type. If the highlighter is not used according to the skin type, instead of enhancing the beauty, it can do the opposite.

Use of highlighter according to skin

If the skin is oily then powder highlighter must be used. It will reduce the oiliness of the skin and give a beautiful glowing look. Powder highlighter can be applied in two ways-

1. Brush on the high points of the face.

2. Apply liquid highlighter on both sides of the cheeks followed by powder highlighter. This will make the highlighter highlight more and last longer.

If the skin is dry, use a liquid highlighter. Because liquid highlighter helps to retain moisture and suppleness of the skin and the highlighter helps to blend nicely on the skin. Liquid highlighter can be used in three ways-

1. Can be mixed with foundation or moisturizer.

2. Foundation can be used after applying liquid highlighter on the face before foundation.

3. After applying the foundation, it can be lightly applied to the high points of the face.

Cream formula highlighters should be used for combination or combination skin. Stick highlighters can also be used. This will make the skin look normal, not too oily or dry.

To use a cream highlighter, blend first with fingers or a brush. Then use a powder highlighter over it to set it. This will make the highlighter pop out very brightly.

Selection of highlighter according to skin tone

Highlighter should be selected according to the under tone of the skin. Any highlighter cannot be used on any skintone. This makes the makeup look disproportionate. Those with golden undertones should use a slightly golden or champagne-colored highlighter. Those with pink undertones or pink undertones can use pink and silver highlighters.

How to highlight

Highlighter should be used on the parts of the face that are usually exposed to light. This will create a proper shape in the face. For example, you can use highlighter on the cheekbones, on the nose, on the forehead, on the nose and a little bit on the lips. Moreover, highlighter can be used on the neck bone or any part of the body such as hands, feet. Highlighting can also be done with a highlighting brush and beauty sponge or with the fingers.