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Diana’s personal letters are up for auction

Photo: Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s personal letters are up for auction. These letters will be auctioned on June 27. These letters are expected to sell for millions of dollars. Hosted by Julian’s Auctions.

The New York Post reports that the collection also includes letters written to Prince Charles after his marriage in 1981 and Christmas and New Year cards from 1981 to 1996. Diana wrote these letters to one of her former housekeepers at the time. Her name is Maud Pendre. That letter will also be accommodated.

Among the letters are several letters that contain many of Diana’s personal feelings and details of her life. One of these read a handwritten note on royal letterhead. ‘Tremendous Success.’ Two words are written about his honeymoon with Charles. It is dated September 8, 1982.

Princess Diana has repeatedly made headlines for her philanthropic work and personal life. She became one of the most exemplary women in the world at that time for personality and style.