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How to easily clean the fridge before Eid

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The Eid of Qurbani ie Eid-ul-Azha is knocking at the door. Naturally, the meat of Qurbani should be kept in the refrigerator. So it is important to clean the fridge before Eid.

In addition to Eid, the fridge should be cleaned regularly, otherwise germs can build up inside the fridge. There can be various diseases from there. Unclean and frozen refrigerators also lead to higher electricity bills. However, it is quite difficult for many people to clean the fridge when the fridge is busy. However, if you use some tricks, you can easily clean the fridge in less time.


Cleaning the fridge requires a soft sponge, water, detergent, small towel and an old brush. But make sure everything is clean.
How to clean the fridge

In order to clean the fridge, first all the food should be removed from the fridge. Turn off the electrical line of the refrigerator half an hour before cleaning. It will melt all the ice in the fridge.

Take out the fridge shelves for easy cleaning. Never soak trays in hot water. Because they are always cold in the fridge. Sudden application of hot water may cause irritation. So the trays should be washed in lukewarm water. Clean with a sponge mixed with a mild detergent. Afterwards, wash the trays with clean water and let them dry in a light and airy place.

Spray the inside of the refrigerator with water mixed with detergent. Now wipe it well with a soft sponge. Finally, soak the cloth in clean water and wipe it well.
It is best to use a microfiber cloth to clean the deep freeze. This is because, due to the accumulation of excess ice in the deep freezer, the stench spreads more.

The rubber on the corner of the fridge door becomes sticky. In that case, mix vinegar with water and clean it well with the help of cloth and brush.

Wipe the outside of the fridge thoroughly with a towel soaked in water mixed with vinegar. If the drawers and shelves are dry at this stage, you can keep them inside the fridge.

When the inside of the fridge is thoroughly dry, switch on the fridge and check if all the settings are correct. After turning on the fridge, see if it is getting cold inside.