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Historic Mujibnagar Day today

Today 17th April is historical Mujibnagar Day. The day is a very important day for the Bengali nation. On April 17, 1971, at Mujibnagar (then Baidyanathtala of Kushtia district), the government of independent Bangladesh was declared and sworn in on the orders of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Every year the day is celebrated centrally in Mujibnagar. This time too, the day will be celebrated across the country including Mujibnagar through a comprehensive program.

Through this, the blood of three million martyrs and the honor of thousands of mothers and sisters and the noble tradition of the sacrifice of millions of people created the independent sovereign Bangladesh through 9 months of heroic armed liberation struggle.

The memorial was built in 1987 at the site of the Mujibnagar Amrakanan where the independent Bangladesh government was declared and sworn in. Which is now specially known all over the world including Bangladesh as Mujibnagar Memorial.

On June 23, 1757, the sun set on the independence of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa at Palashir Amrakanan. After about 214 years, on April 17, 1971, the Sun of Independence of Bangladesh proudly made its debut at Mujibnagar Amrakanan in Meherpur, in another part of Nadia district of the then ancient India. After 9 months of bloody war, Bengalis got independent and sovereign Bangladesh on December 16 of that year in return for many sacrifices. After that, Mujibnagar Memorial was built to preserve the history of the liberation war of independent Bengal as a witness.

On April 17, 1974, the foundation stone of Mujibnagar Memorial Museum was laid by Syed Nazrul Islam, then Minister of Industry. On the same day, Home Minister Captain M Manchur Ali laid the foundation stone of Bangabandhu Toran. Later in 1987, Ershad Sarkar constructed Mujibnagar Memorial and Rest House there at the cost of 14 crore rupees. Lately, the history of the memorial has been highlighted with some memories through a wall inscription on the north-west side of the memorial.

We believe that the current government will present the correct history of our independent Bangladesh by publishing books in all languages ​​of the world and the new generation.