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Modi is returning to power for the third time in a row: Boothferat survey

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Reuters file photo

Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister ruled the country for 17 years after independence. He was the first to be elected for three consecutive terms. This time Modi is also going to make the same record. At the end of the seven-way polling, the Boothferat survey shows such indications.

Boothferat polls indicate that the BJP-led NDA alliance will win more seats than last time. Survey indicates that ocher storm is coming in Mamtar’s Bengal too.

The BJP-led NDA alliance could get 353 to 383 seats this time. At the same time, the Congress-led India Alliance could get 152 seats to 182 seats. 272 seats are required to form a government at the center of India. Therefore, multiple studies suggest that BJP’s chances of getting seats are much higher than the magic number.

India’s leading polling firm C Voter, ABP Anand’s joint booth returns, says BJP will get 315 seats on its own this time. And Congress will get 74 seats.

On Saturday (June 1), the last round of seven-phase polling ended, one by one the country’s media began to publish booth return surveys. And the ocher camp is practically happy to have such a glimpse there. But it is also true that the claim of the Prime Minister-Home Minister of the country that the BJP will form the government by getting more than 400 seats has completely rejected the prospect of a return poll.

Most of the country’s polling agencies predict that the BJP will retain its position in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. On the other hand, the BJP can also open its account in Kerala, South India. At the same time, the survey also shows the possibility of getting more seats than Trinamool in West Bengal in Mamta’s state.

If we calculate the average of the survey of the country’s three big polling companies, C Voter, Axis My India, Today’s Tankya, Modi’s party can get more than 25 seats in Mamata’s state this time. And Trinamool can hold 15 seats. In West Bengal of 42 seats, BJP won 18 seats, Trinamool 22 seats and Congress 2 seats. As such Trinamool is going to lose 7 seats this time.

However, booth return surveys are only a glimpse. It is claimed by every organization that, in many cases, the perception of this survey does not match the reality. Again, in many cases, it is 100% matched. 97 crore voters of the country captured the last decision by EVM. And the final result will be published on June 4.