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The woman who went on a world tour selling engagement rings

Joy Fox lived in a village next to the river that runs through Wivenhoe in the UK. He got engaged at the age of 20. The marriage broke up for some reason. With a broken marriage and a broken heart, Jai decided to explore the world. He came out in January 1956. Before that, he did not get a chance to travel anywhere. A decade has passed since World War II and its aftermath. However, his mother heard different stories about Egypt, China and India. He heard about the city of Venice from his older brother Alan. He wanted to visit the places of these stories with his own eyes. Joy’s father was the lead singer of the Royal Scots Band. On that basis, mother and brother traveled to different places.

How did Joy leave the house for the first time? He is a story. Let’s hear from Joy’s mouth, ‘I sold the engagement ring first. I went to Dover from my village. Then I traveled by train to France, Switzerland and Italy. That’s the beginning. I am 89 now. I still want to visit different parts of the world. Just like the first day.’

Going to Italy, Joy befriends a man named Luigi. The two visited Portofino, Rapallo, Milan and many other cities together. Luigi wanted to visit all the churches of the world with Joy. But Joy departed. He returned to his village. Returning home, I felt like a new person. It was very exciting. After a few days, the couple’s photo sent by Luigi arrived. The pain of a broken marriage has been spread around in different cities and has been forgotten.

Joy’s family once migrated from England to Canada. It is a matter of great joy to win. Joy began to visit Canada. While walking around, I met another man. He also walks around. Joy married him after a short time of acquaintance. He started a family. Mother of three children. And he started walking around with his partner and children.

Joy said, ‘My partner told me to have a relationship with nature. I saw many rivers and waterfalls with him. I have visited various parts of USA, Monaco, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Island.’ One by one the children grew up. They have a separate family. In the meantime, Joy wandered alone. Nothing brings him more joy than wandering alone.

On his 65th birthday, Joy went alone to Scotland, where he was born. When he was three years old, his family moved from Scotland to the UK. Joy went to the barracks of the Royal Scots of Edinburgh. They used to live here. He found his birthplace. Spend some time there. Joy said, ‘I am looking at our house. Evening fell. At such a time a flute player came out of nowhere. He began to wail on the flute. What happened inside me, it is not possible to describe it in any language. Scotland has always been my favorite country. Because, I was born there.’