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Safe Bangladesh in India-Pakistan group

In 2022, Bangladesh became the unbeaten women's SAF champions in Kathmandu. This time also women's clean will be held in Kathmandu. After the SAF...
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They want to present women as strong

Sustainable fashion is no longer a new concept. If you work on it, customers will feel attracted and buy more, this is not the case. Rather, those who are working with sustainable fashion in the world of fast fashion are showing courage, said some designers of Moscow Fashion Week. They are working as protectors of the environment. Their style is not flashy work, but unglamorous work.

Loom by Rodina is a well-known brand in Russia. Its designer Satlana Rodina was originally a model. Love for clothes since then. Masculinity in femininity, reinvention of old styles and sustainable fashion—three things he wants to bring to his clothes. Fine handwork, floral motifs, fringe application and A-line cut are predominant in the cut, design of her dresses. He suggested wearing such clothes with sneakers, boots or shoes. He said, if worn with heels, its original beauty will be lost. In addition, he wants to highlight the strong form of femininity in clothes. Showing a red dress designed by him, he said, there is flexibility in the design of the whole dress. But the colors captured the communist ideals and symbols. She has been showing that women are not inferior in any part, through her clothes and styling over the years.

The design and cut of the white dress is Satlana’s choice. Communist symbols appear in the color of this dress: author Besides, he thinks, fashion should be slow. It is possible to understand many things in life through this. This is why he loves sustainable fashion. Materials should be used, which will save nature, then nature will also save us. Rodina said, ‘All my clothes are made of such materials. Recycling Polyester.’ I spoke with Larisa Surovaya at Moscow Fashion Week. In 2020, his brand Surovaya came to the market. The idea of ​​creating the brand came to her when she was struggling with mental and physical turmoil after giving birth to her own child. She wants to present the clothes in such a way that women feel safe from within. This time, Larisa spread the idea of ​​presenting femininity in a strong form on the stage of Moscow Fashion Week. Tweed, cotton, organza, viscose, nylon are used in clothing. A skirt made of tweed, a solid, uneven look over a blazer will give any woman a distinct elegance and confidence. This summer collection of this year is ideal for those who feel that they are not less than men in any respect. The style was seen in designer outfits throughout the week at Moscow Fashion Week. Also, unisex in clothing is becoming more and more popular internationally. Clothes are being made in such a way that both men and women can wear them. There will be no difference in appearance of clothing.