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Safe Bangladesh in India-Pakistan group

In 2022, Bangladesh became the unbeaten women's SAF champions in Kathmandu. This time also women's clean will be held in Kathmandu. After the SAF...
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Vaccination is essential to prevent cervical cancer

Cervical cancer incidence is high in developing countries. Cervical cancer is the third most common type of cancer affecting 80 percent of women. Who is at risk? Getting married or having sex at a young age. Childbirth at a young age. Frequent and multiple births. Multiple sex partners. The incidence of cancer is higher among the lower class. Taking the pill for a long time and not using condoms as a method of birth control. These factors increase the risk. One of the ways to prevent cervical cancer is vaccination. A virus called human papilloma is the main cause of this cancer. The virus is usually sexually transmitted. The virus can be prevented by vaccination. It can prevent 85 percent of cancer. Apart from this, it is possible to stay away from cancer easily by regular cervical examination. Cancer can be detected earlier. Affected women can be brought under treatment. Who can give the vaccine? The best time for vaccination is 9-26 years of age. Vaccination before the start of married life is highly effective. In addition, up to 45 years; That is, those who are married can also give. Cervical cancer vaccine is easily available in our country. Vaccine dose Two doses up to 9-14 years of age. Another should be taken six months after the first one. Three doses for ages 15-45. One month and six months after the first vaccination, the remaining two vaccinations should be given. If the scheduled dose of vaccine is missed, the second dose should be given within 12 months of the first dose. No need to start from scratch. It is good to know that regular cervical examination should be done even after vaccination.