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Why is Culture University important?

In Bengali literature, after Rabithakur, the rebel poet Nazrul, the most talked about name is the epic poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta. All three birthdays are celebrated nationally in the country. On the other hand, the government has already established Rabindra and Nazrul universities. Naturally, the people of Michael Madhusudan’s birthplace expect a university named after him as well. But still there is no initiative from the government to fulfill the demand.

Our governments are active in establishing subject universities at breakneck speed. Once the professionals of the elite group opened their mouths, the government’s initiatives in this regard gained momentum. It seems that these professional groups are competing to establish universities of their respective professions. The question remains as to how much the university is being established in the country, which is actually capable of contributing to the welfare of the country and the nation. Surprisingly, the government is changing the concept of the university to match the demands of the professionals. Therefore, common people only hear the announcement of law university, art university etc., but do not understand why these universities are necessary for the welfare of the country and nation?
The journey of a subject-oriented university began with the establishment of the first engineering university in the country. Agriculture, medical, textile universities have come up one by one along that path and many more universities are still in the pipeline. But what has such a subject-oriented university, run by public tax money, given to the public? The talented children of the country after receiving education in these subject-oriented universities are either dedicated to their struggle for inclusion in the elite class or are building attractive careers abroad. On the other hand, if we look at the engineering development of the country, it can be seen that from the past National Parliament Building to the current Padma Bridge – all such structures have been implemented by foreigners. However, the country’s engineers or experts have helped these projects by doing the work of supervision. Here is the question of lakhs of rupees, the mere supervision of the project is the work of experts? How reasonable is the overall wastage resulting from the employment of specialists in the work of mid-level technical manpower?

Even in 53 years of independence, effective primary health care has not been ensured for the people. Due to the collapse of the health system due to the lack of doctors, nurses, health workers, ordinary people, including the wealthy, are selling their assets and running abroad for treatment at an increasing rate. And the experts have created an inhumane environment in the name of providing services to hundreds of patients day and night. However, the government is busy establishing one medical university after another to produce specialists without paying attention to the preparation of sufficient nurses and health workers in addition to doctors. In view of the situation, the words of a journalist come to mind again and again – ‘Our doctors do not see patients. Patients pay a fee and visit the doctor.’

The point is, the fact that the talented children of the country today become experts from the subject universities are more dedicated to the interests of the group than the welfare of the country and the people – it is proven everywhere. Experts believe that such a situation has arisen due to the lack of sociology education of talented students in subject-oriented universities. According to them, sociology education is essential for every student at a certain point in their educational life.
The question may arise, culture university is also subject-oriented. As a result, how reasonable is the demand to establish such a university? When people mean culture by music or dance, it is natural to ask this question. However, culture in the literal sense means cultivation, culture, reformation, refinement, excellence of knowledge acquired through practice. Dr. Ahmad Sharif said, ‘Though culture cannot be grasped, touched, touched, seen as an object like an object, yet in all the activities of people, economic, social, political, moral, religious, practical, family, personal etc. Culture is embedded. The tendency of man towards the true, the beautiful and the good, towards man – the man’s conscious effort to acquire the sense of beauty, the intelligence of beneficence and the intelligence of creating a beautiful world – may be called his culture. Culture is the acquired behavior of people, refined life consciousness. Culture is the beautiful, graceful, sophisticated and refined expression of life in thought, action and behaviour.’

It can be said that culture is an intellectual force, which creates humanity. Uncultured people nurture not only communalism and militancy but also inhumanities like terrorism and corruption. If we consider the overall situation of the country today, it can be seen that there is a dearth of cultured people in every field. There are experts of the country in this march of lack; Their conscious-subconscious followers are also participating in it. As a result, the environment has become difficult day by day. There is no alternative to culture to bring the country and people back to health from this environment. It is in this context that the people of a region of the country have demanded a platform to awaken people to the truth, beauty and goodness, to get the benefits of freedom, to implement the spirit of the liberation war, and to create opportunities for cultural practice. That is Michael Madhusudan Culture University.