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Why is there no happiness in the country of thousands of haha ​​reactions?

The fact that happiness is both rare and expensive is captured in dramatist Mamtazuddin Ahmed’s play ‘Sukhi Mansoom’. People go out in search of clothes of happy people to solve the difficult problem of Moral. But even after visiting five villages, I could not find happy people. Although the kathur living alone in the forest said that he was happy; He has no son-in-law!

‘Happiness is big you know, I want to know’ – Like this song by lyricist Mohammad Mojakker, composer Ajit Roy and vocalist Runa Laila, the world is now searching for the theory of happiness. What is the definition of happiness? Ravitakur said, ‘If you are not happy, go in search of happiness.’ Where to get that happiness?
Happiness is a state of mind; Which is felt from love, contentment, joy. Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin hormones are released in the brain and create a feeling of happiness. Japanese researchers say that the precuneus region at the back of the brain is the reason people are happy.

Everyone is happy in Bhutan. In 1972, Bhutan started thinking about measuring Gross National Happiness (GNH). In 2008,
the plan became part of the country’s constitution. Happiness in Bhutan is not measured by who has more wealth, who can enjoy more. What will make the citizens happy, planning prevails in Bhutan.

Bhutan’s welfare policy has four pillars – good governance, sustainable socio-economic development, cultural heritage, nature conservation. Despite not being ‘developed’, Bhutan was ranked the eighth happiest country in the world in a 2007 BusinessWeek magazine survey. According to the GNH report published in May 2023, 93.6 percent of the people of the country consider themselves happy people.
There is another country of happy people like Bhutan – Finland. Gallup, under the auspices of the United Nations, released its annual list of happiest countries last March. 143 countries were surveyed to publish the World Happiness Report 2024. This time, Finland has retained the number one position in the list of happiest countries for seven consecutive times. 96 percent of Finns feel that there is someone they can rely on in times of need. This confidence surely makes them happy.
Despite the geographical distance and diversity, Finland and Bhutan have a great similarity in happiness. Researchers say that closeness with nature keeps them happy all the time. Finns know how to maintain a healthy balance between personal life and work life.

Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Australia are ranked second to tenth in the list of happiest countries. Bangladesh ranks 129th in the list. That is, our happiness is less, non-happiness is more. In 2023, Bangladesh was at number 118 in this list. This year it has fallen back by 11 steps. Bangladesh was at number 94 in 2022. That means happiness is becoming elusive to us day by day.
‘It is a great wonder’ that the whole world knows of this unhappiness but we have no heldol; No introspection. Government, opposition, left parties are not saying anything. Human rights organizations are also silent; As if happiness is not a human right in this country! Why are we not covering this survey? Or are we each embarrassed to be exposed to the words of the unhappy mind? ‘Happiness is the world, happiness is the act / No matter how much you hide, no one is actually happy’ – Ayub Bachchu’s song is the proof in the Gallup survey?

Scrolling through Facebook, there is no shortage of group-pages for memes and trolls. There are different types of content creators. Memes, trolls, relays are just laughs. That is not a smile; Really haha ​​react. Over the years there has been a trend of adding hilarious background laughs to videos. Each reel-meme also has twenty-thirty thousand Haha Reacts. Content creators, couple vloggers are making money by making funny funny videos. Despite having thousands of haha ​​reactions and millions of monetizations, why can’t Gallup see our happiness?

Ravithakur says, ‘…only happiness goes away. Such is Maya’s deception.’ Why does happiness go away? If trees are cut and restaurants, roads, buildings are built, the warming will only increase; Happiness will never increase. How will the people of the country be happy by occupying the river and polluting it? Cut the mountain and make a swimming pool, the economy or any happiness?
Although not the first in the list of happiest countries, Dhaka is often the top city in air pollution. As a result, 71 percent of people in the capital Dhaka are suffering from depression. In 2023, 513 students committed suicide in the country. Somewhere or the other, their happiness was lost, which they could not accept. Research shows that it takes reliable people to be happy. The population of the country is about to reach 17 crores. Here there are 1 thousand 119 people per square kilometer. People and people; But where is the happiness?

Nazrul taught us the mantra of being happy with creation. We have thousands of years of cultural heritage. These days, a quick ride home on the metro rail brings joy to the mind. Maybe just adding a little magnesium will make the eyes and face glow.
Neighboring India is not too happy either; They are number 126 in the list. It is said that the non-happiness of the two countries is of the same standard. Friendship with all, enmity with none – this diplomacy of Bangladesh is for national happiness. Or ‘Bandhu amar buno hawa sukh hoil na pranete’ should be sung on both sides.

Economy, environment, health, culture should be adjusted to increase overall happiness. Sukhniti wants to pay attention to these at the state level. If the government party neglects to do this policy, the opposition and left parties can do it too. In the talk show, removing the unnecessary talk and saying two words about happiness policy would have made the ears and mind happy. Now online-offline let’s have one racial pledge – come spring we’ll be just as happy