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How not to eat fruit on your weight loss journey

Own Correspondent: Although beneficial, fruit-based drinks can lead to weight gain. Natural sugar sources are fruits. However, this sugar does not contribute to weight gain.

But fruit drinks do not contain fiber. Again, the calorie intake increases due to the addition of normal sugar separately.

There are other factors that hinder weight loss. The details are based on a report published on

Fruit Salad: A well-served fruit salad is delicious but can hinder weight loss. Because extra fructose enters the body from other salad ingredients. So instead of fruit salad eat only fresh fruits.

Fruit juice: Juice or syrup made from fruit is loaded with sugar and lacks the fiber and minerals of fresh fruit. Processed fruit juices tend to cause weight gain.

Dry fruits: Dry fruits are prepared by removing the water. So dry fruits are packed with calories and sugar. Eating one cup of raisins means consuming about 500 grams of calories. Also, many dried fruits have added sugar and chemicals.